Training Day Expectations

Training Days and Time

Training start and end times are noted in PDS Online for each session. All training days begin with a registration period one-half hour prior to the start of the training day. This registration period used for formal sign in, getting settled into the training room, and preparing for the session. Participants should plan to arrive during the registration period and be ready to begin promptly at the scheduled time.


Participants are expected to complete the session as scheduled. Missing time for any reason may result in an “incomplete” status or reduced credit, depending on the course. It is expected that participants’ cases be covered throughout the duration of the training session. Participants should not receive messages or phone calls during training time. Emergency calls should be taken outside of the training room.

Planning Your Travel

Please allow sufficient time for travel to assure that you arrive prior to the start of the training session.  Winter weather and summer road work often impact travel times.

Technology Policy

ALL TRAINING PARTICIPANTS are expected to silence their cell phone, refrain from texting, and refrain from using computers, smart phones and other electronic devices during a training session, unless otherwise directed to do so by the trainer.

Use of electronic devices during training inhibits the participant’s ability to learn and to listen effectively. Individuals who text or respond to emails on a computer, smart phone or other device are missing out on the content being trained. Additionally, the use of electronic devices during training is distracting to others present and impacts their learning.

Nursing Mothers

Nursing mothers should contact the WCWPDS – Madison office prior to the training session so we can help make arrangements for a location you can use before, during, and after the training session to pump. In addition, if you have any disability accommodation needs, please contact the WCWPDS – Madison office prior to training. You can contact us at 608-890-3965. We want to help support you to assure that you can fully participate in the training session.

Complete/Incomplete Status in PDS Online

The WCWPDS documents the actual time that a participant is in attendance for all training sessions, along with a status of “complete” (*some exceptions apply, see NOTE below), in the participant’s transcript in PDS Online. This should enable staff to count these hours towards their DSPS licensing requirements.

For those who must meet the DCF 43 Training Rule requirements, staff are required to complete 15 days of Foundation training (a day of training is considered to be 6 hours) or 90 hours of Foundation training within the first 2 years of employment. After the completion of Foundation training within the first two years of employment, staff are required to complete 30 hours of ongoing/in-service training in each subsequent two-year DSPS licensing period.

*NOTE: For those courses that are pre-requisites for other courses (currently Safety in Child Protective Services-Present Danger, Safety in Child Protective Services-Impending Danger, and Engaging to Build Trusting Relationships), there are exceptions to a recording of “complete” in PDS Online. If you miss any portion of one of these courses, the trainer must indicate that you were in attendance at enough of the training to acquire the necessary knowledge to support your successful participation in the next course. If the trainer determines that you have an “incomplete”, then you must retake the course. (If you intend to use a course to count toward your hours for licensing purposes, DSPS has concluded that no hours can be counted for a course that has a notation of “incomplete” in PDS Online.)


In most cases, your PDS Online transcript serves as a record of your training completion, including Pre-Service. Certificates are provided for certain trainings, such as JCIA Basic Intake Training.