WCWPDS Graphics, Branding, and Copyright Resource Page

The WCWPDS branding and copyright page contain all the resources and files you will need when using the WCWPDS logo for business purposes and using copyrighted materials. Below are a few directions for helping you use this page.

Branding Resources

Below the logos are examples of WCWPDS branding on agendas, PowerPoints, letterheads, and curriculum documents. You can download these examples and use them for your work. There are also guides for using logos and the WCWPDS name for letterhead and curriculum. Please read through these guides before using WCWPDS letterhead or creating new curriculum documents.

Meeting Materials Branding

Agenda Examples

PowerPoint Examples

Letterhead Branding

Reference Guide

Resources Folder

Curriculum Branding

Reference Guide

Curriculum Examples

Logo Information

Logos have button options for both documents and email signatures. Once you click on a button, the logo will come up in a new tab. Right click on the logo image in the new tab and choose “Save image as” to save it to your computer. Logo choice is up to you, but please note that some logos are specific to the Madison or Milwaukee offices. If you need help making logos larger or smaller, there is a link to directions for properly resizing logos.

Adobe Illustrator Files

This links to a folder with Adobe Illustrator files for the logos. It is mainly used by the instructional design team.

WCWPDS Copyright Policy and Resources

This links to a folder with our copyright policy, process, and resource information.