Wisconsin Child Welfare Professional Development System

Topics for Caregivers

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Kinship Navigator Training for Relative Caregivers

For generations, grandparents, aunts, uncles, cousins, and siblings have cared for and supported for their young relatives. Families often plan for and adapt to parental absences, such as deployments, illnesses, or lengthy work-related travel. And in times of crisis, when a child’s environment is unsafe, or their parent is unable to provide full-time care and stability, relatives step up to care for the children in their family.

Wisconsin is a national leader in relative placements. Our child welfare system believes when a child is unsafe and out-of-home care is necessary, placement with relatives is best practice. It provides unique benefits, lessens the negative effects, and promotes a child’s permanency and well being

This resource provides a glimpse into the thoughts and feelings of caregivers in situations like yours. We hope that you recognize the feelings and challenges you may be experiencing are common, and you are not alone. And, there are services and supports available for families like yours.

Kinship Navigator Module