Wisconsin Child Welfare Professional Development System

ICW Worker Training

Training priorities for tribal child welfare workers are identified through the Intertribal Child Welfare (ICW) Training Partnership Steering Committee.  The Steering Committee consists of ICW Directors of all eleven Wisconsin tribes and meets on a bi-monthly basis to discuss training needs.  There are typically 3-5 tribal-specific training sessions held each year.  Additionally, tribal child welfare workers are encouraged to attend any trainings held through the Wisconsin Child Welfare Professional Development System that meet their individual training needs.

Ho-Chunk elder speaks his native language with Native American children

Tribal-specific training sessions generally have priority registration for tribal child welfare workers.  The Steering Committee decides whether it is appropriate to make these sessions available to county child welfare workers as well as tribal staff.  If county child welfare workers are going to be able to attend a session, it will typically be open for them to register only after tribal child welfare workers have been given adequate time to register.  To see a list of current tribal-specific training sessions, please see the Tribal Training Calendar below. The county child welfare worker Training Calendars are also available at the link.

Training Calenders

Any questions or ideas regarding ICW Worker Training should be directed to Heather Halonie, Intertribal Child Welfare Specialist at (715) 416-3535 or halonie@wisc.edu.