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Welcome to the online Foster Parent Independent Living Training. In order to successfully complete the Building the Path to Independence Training, you will need to complete all of the modules of this training, including reviewing the information contained in each module, completing all of the Check Your Understanding questions, and discussing the information with your licensing worker.

This training can be completed here, on the WCWPDS website, or within PDS Online. If the training is completed here on the WCWPDS website, each module will have to be entered as an External Training and approved by your licensor. Your licensor will complete the Licensor Guide prior to approving the External Training. Instructions for entering External Trainings onto your transcript can be found by clicking here. The complete User Guide to PDS Online Registration and Learning Management System can be accessed here.

Completion of all four modules of this training fulfills three hours of Ongoing Training.


Please contact for any questions about or issues related to foster parent training.