General Information about Re-Certification

  • Use your CANS Manual and Glossary to rate the vignette. You can download the manuals here:
  • You have two chances to pass the exam, if you are unable to reach reliability, you need to email to get feedback and unlock your account. For CANS Certification Exam test-taking tips, click here.
  • You have 240 minutes to complete the CANS Certification Exam. After 4 hours, the system will automatically log you out. All your work will be lost. Upon logging in again, you’ll receive the same vignette but none of your work will save. Allow yourself enough time to complete the whole exam.
  • Beginning in 2016, CANS certification records are in PDS Online. Log in to PDS Online, view your transcript, choose the completed tab, and look for “CANS – (Name)”. This will show you the date that you completed the exam.
  • Users are responsible for maintaining their yearly certification. There is no tickler or alert system to notify users.
  • For questions about this training and certification process, please contact WCWPDS at

To Re-certify click the link below:

Re-certify CANS in PDS Online