Wisconsin Child Welfare Professional Development System

Supervising Safety

Supervising Safety Module 1: Present Danger And Protective Plans-test

To get started complete the Conceptual Foundation for Present Danger before your first face-to-face seminar.

Please review the Computer Systems Requirements Document for information on the technical specifications to participate in the online format of this training. Adobe Reader is required to view the schedule and other documents. Adobe Reader can be downloaded here.

Download the schedule for the Winter/Spring 2021 session here.

Participant Learning Activities

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Week 1: Welcome Seminar

Week 2: Putting Present Danger Concepts to Work

Week 3: Present Danger at Access

Week 4: Present Danger at Initial Contact

Week 5: Supporting a Worker Assessing Present Danger

Week 6: Seminar - Assessing Present Danger Threats

Week 7: Protective Planning

Week 8: Supporting a Worker at Protective Planning

Week 9: Seminar - Protective Planning