Wisconsin Child Welfare Professional Development System

Bonnie Phernetton

Position title: Home Visiting National Model Specialist – Healthy Families

Email: phernett@uwm.edu

Phone: (262) 923-6297

Bonnie Phernetton

Bonnie Phernetton joined Wisconsin Child Welfare Professional Development System in July of 2018 as a trainer and consultant for the Wisconsin Healthy Families America sites and also trains Lemonade for Life and Foundations for Family Support. Bonnie received her Bachelor of Science degree in Child Growth and Development and Social Work from the University of WI Green Bay. She has over 40 years of experience working in county systems and non-profit organizations. She started her career in Child Protective Services, quickly realizing that prevention work was key in making any kind of impact for families. Bonnie worked in a Healthy Families program in Green Bay for over 16 years, as a supervisor and as a program manager. During this time, she became a certified trainer for Foundations for Family Support for Wisconsin sites. Bonnie has 2 adult children and 2 grandchildren.