Meaningful Use of the CANS

To continue to support the use of the CANS in Wisconsin, DCF is a member of the CANS-Trauma Consortium, which has worked extensively over the last year to develop a CANS engagement training product.

Feedback from a group of county leadership thought these videos to be helpful to resource to encourage staff to incorporate the CANS tool into case practice with families, and service providers. Supervisors are encouraged to download the Facilitator’s Guide and use this product in team meetings to spark discussion.

This product consists of a series of video clips about a family involved in the child welfare system and demonstrates how the CANS tool can be meaningfully incorporated into child welfare practice. The clips demonstrate the utilization of the CANS with a youth, biological mother, foster mother, and professionals involved in the case at various time points.

The Purpose of the Product

1. Describe and demonstrate what we mean by “meaningful use” of the CANS.

2. Engage CANS users in discussion about how to make the CANS meaningful and useful in their work.

3. Illustrate how this might be done by a child welfare caseworker that is new to using the CANS to support family engagement, collaboration, and decision making.

How to Use This Product:

The Meaningful Use of the CANS Application Videos product was designed to be a flexible training tool.

The clips are divided into five Learning Areas that illustrate different avenues for integrating the CANS meaningfully into practice. The Learning Areas are as follows:

CANS LLEARNING AREAS: Introducting and explaining CAN to Families, Engaging the Family using Cans, collaborating with providers using the cans, Using the cans in a child and family team meeting, using the CANS in supervison


These Learning Areas, when shown in sequence, follow the characters’ story chronologically. You may choose to use all or some Learning Areas depending on the objectives of the training.

Here are a few flexible ways to use this product:

  • Present all the Learning Areas or pick only the ones that are relevant to your audience.
  • Show all or some of the video clips within a specific Learning Area
  • Show Learning Areas or the videos within the Learning Area in any order