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Foster Parent Pre-Placement

Welcome to the online Foster Parent Pre-Placement Training. In order to successfully complete the Pre-Placement Training, you will need to complete all of the modules of this training, including reviewing the information contained in each module, completing all of the Check Your Understanding questions, and discussing the information with your licensing worker.

Pre-Placement Training Requirements

Depending on your certification level, you have certain requirements for Pre-Placement Training. If you are certified at Level 1 or Level 2, completion of all six modules of this training fulfills your requirement for Pre-Placement Training. If you are certified at Level 3, 4, or 5, completion of all six modules fulfills 6 hours of your requirements for Pre-Placement Training.

Before You Begin

Download the Foster Parent Notepad document (.doc file) to record your notes, questions, and thoughts for each module.

For Licensors

Download the Licensor Guide (.doc file)


Please contact for any questions about or issues related to foster parent training.