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Before You Begin

Please send a notification that you are beginning Pre-Service via one of the email links below.
In the email please include “pre-service” as the subject and the following in the body of the email:

Name of Agency:
Agency Address:
Work Telephone:
Work Email:
Job Title:
Date Hired:
Area of Practice:
Name of Direct Supervisor:
Email of Direct Supervisor:


Email Links:
I work in Milwaukee for CSSW, Saint A or DMCPS

I work for one of the 11 Wisconsin Tribes

I work for one of the 71 Wisconsin counties (outside of Milwaukee)

System Requirements Please review the technology guide for complete information on the system requirements and directions.

Completing Pre-Service Training in PDS Online:

Step 1: Log in to PDS Online with your user information.
Step 2: Select Request, you will be taken to your transcript.
Step 3: Select Open Curriculum. The full series of pre-service modules will appear.

If you have trouble accessing Pre-Service in PDS Online, please contact us at (608) 890 – 3965 for assistance.

Click Here to Access PDS Online

This is the pre-service training approved by the Wisconsin Department of Children and Families. This content meets the requirement for pre-service training identified in DCF 43.

These modules are intended to be used as one component of a new worker’s pre-service orientation package that should also include direct supervision, job shadowing, and other on the job training.