Basic Intake Worker Training Completed PRIOR TO July 2018

The Department of Children and Families, in collaboration with the Wisconsin Child Welfare Professional Development System, provides Basic Intake Worker Training multiple times annually. The 12-hour online training plus the three day face-to-face training is designed to provide a new intake worker with the following specialized training on the law relating to juveniles and how to apply it:

  • Taking, holding, and releasing a child or juvenile in custody
  • Timelines for the intake process
  • Establishing jurisdiction in Chapters 48 and 938
  • Understanding the elements of a crime for delinquent acts

“All intake workers providing services under this chapter who begin employment after May 15, 1980, shall have the qualifications required to perform entry level social work in a county department and shall have successfully completed 30 hours of intake training approved or provided by the department prior to the completion of the first 6 months of employment in the position.”