Wisconsin Child Welfare Professional Development System

2021 Virtual Applied Learning Community

Welcome to the 2021 Virtual Applied Learning Community (ALC)! We’re happy you’re here. We are Serena and Izzy. We’re partnering with your agency supervisor to facilitate a learning experience for your agency team. Together we’ll study what the Child Protective Services Standards say about interviewing reporters at Access. Expect to improve the quality of interviews with reporters and contribute your input on policy and practice. In the end, you will make recommendations to improve the quality of Access performance at your agency and throughout the state.

This website provides step-by-step instructions to complete four learning applications between now and our virtual in-person session on April 15th, and a fifth and final learning application after the virtual ALC session.

Learning Application #1: Explore Your Agencies Onboarding Process

Think back to your first day on the job. How were you introduced to your role and responsibilities at Access? Did it make sense? What questions did you have? Who did you go to when you were stuck?
Agencies typically offer internal training, and they rely on the Wisconsin Child Welfare Professional Development System to supplement it with the Access Foundation training. These combined efforts provide a foundation for new staff. The ALCs build on this foundation and inspire learners to think about how practice is implemented at your agency and make recommendations for improvements.
The first learning application invites you to offer input on how your agency and WCWPDS train CPS professionals on how to engage and interview reporters. Let’s start by reviewing the current, updated pre-service training that learners watch before attending the WCWPDS Foundation training on Access. As you watch, answer the questions below and type your answers here. Submit your answers to your supervisor, or team lead by noon on Monday, March 1st.

Learning Application #2: Discuss Agency On-boarding Process with Agency Team

Now it’s time to gather with your agency team and hear each other’s thoughts. Your supervisor, or team lead will schedule this meeting to occur some time between 3/1-3/15. Bring your typed notes from Learning Application #1 with you. If your supervisor requested you scribe the team responses, use this form to record the team’s responses. Submit completed form to alc@wcwpds.wisc.edu by noon on Monday, March 15th.

Learning Application #3: Interview Colleague

The Access Pre-Service training encouraged you to print out the Child Protective Services (CPS) Access & Initial Assessment Standards. If you have not done that yet, go ahead and do it now. Next up, follow the steps below.

   Read CPS Access & Initial Assessment Standards pgs. 4-15 (stop when you get to Ch.4: Reports with Special Requirements)

   Select a colleague to interview

   Schedule a time to interview your colleague for 1-1 ½ hours between 3/15-3/29

   Facilitate the interview using this form

   Submit typed responses to alc@wcwpds.wisc.edu by noon, Monday March 29th

Learning Application #4: Observe Interview at Access and Document CPS Report

Congrats! You’ve completed three learning applications! You reviewed the Access Pre-Service and talked with your team about your agency’s onboarding process. You also interviewed a colleague to learn more about how they implement practice standards at Access. Use this learning to finish the tasks below to complete the fourth learning application before the ALC on 4/15.

   Observe Access interview and fill out the CPS Report

   Discuss information learned with your colleagues.

   Decide what information to include in the CPS Report, discuss rationale for inclusion

   Consider where to document the information in the CPS Report, discuss rationale

   Rely on team scribe to document information in the CPS Report

   Submit completed report by noon on Monday, April 12th to alc@wcwpds.wisc.edu and DCFChildWelfareCQIprocess@wisconsin.gov, use the subject line: “ALC Access Review-(Agency Name).”

Learning Application #5: Complete Agency Recommendations

Let’s combine our learning and recommend action steps for your agency and policymakers. Take the final steps below to complete Learning Application #5.

   Review feedback from Bureau of Performance Management

   Discuss team recommendations for quality improvement at your agency and practice standards

   Record recommendations here

   Submit recommendations to alc@wcwpds.wisc.edu

Congratulations! How we engage and interview reporters at Access is critical. It impacts decisions about report type, screening, and response time. For this reason, it is worthwhile to study it in depth. We hope your learning experience provoked your thoughts and inspired your agency team to make recommendations for meaningful change at your agency and in state policy so decision making at Access matches the reality of the family’s need.

Before you log off, let us know more about your experience at the 2021 ALC so WCWPDS can engage in quality improvement efforts and make meaningful changes.