Transition to Adulthood



The Chafee Foster Care Independence Program (CFCIP) requires that those serving youth in out-of-home care:

  • Help youth make the transition to self-sufficiency through needed services;
  • Help youth receive the education, training and services necessary to obtain employment;
  • Provide personal and emotional support to those aging out of care;
  • Help youth prepare for and enter postsecondary training and education institutions;
  • Provide financial assistance for housing, counseling, health, transportation, employment and education to youth ages 18-21;
  • Make available vouchers for postsecondary education and training (Education and Training Vouchers)
This training provides an overview of Wisconsin’s independent living regional model, clarifies roles and responsibilities of those supporting youth in transition, and provides recommendations and resources for effective partnerships.

Target Audience

County and tribal child welfare agencies; transitional resource agencies; private providers who work with youth in out of home care.