Pre-Work for Foundation and Special Skills and Topics Training Sessions

Pre-Work is required for several Foundation and Special Skills and Topics training sessions. Why do we ask you to complete pre-work prior to attending some training sessions?

We have developed online training modules for several courses (for example, Effects of Maltreatment on Child Development and Trauma Informed Practice) to allow for the completion of the training session in our standard training day (9:00 AM-3:45 PM) rather than extending the training day or adding an additional day of training. Therefore, it is important that you complete the pre-work online training as the content in the online training is NOT covered in the classroom. You will not understand some of the information and activities in the classroom training if you do not complete the pre-work as the classroom training begins where the online training ends.

We ask to complete or review, if you have already completed, the pre-service modules for several courses (for example, Access and Placement) to prepare you for the content that will be covered in the classroom training. The classroom training assumes that you have completed the required pre-service modules and the training begins where the pre-service training ends.

We also ask you to complete classroom training for some courses (for example, Initial Assessment and Ongoing Case Planning) as the content in these courses is dependent upon you understanding the content that was covered in the other courses and it builds upon this content.

Pre-Work for Foundation

Pre-Work for Special Skills & Topics