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This is the pre-service training approved by the Wisconsin Department of Children and Families. This content meets the requirement for pre-service training identified in DCF 43.

These modules are intended to be used as one component of a new worker's pre-service orientation package that should also include direct supervision, job shadowing, and other on the job training.

New Workers and Supervisors: We encourage you to complete the Pre-Service training in PDS Online as your PDS Online transcript will register a complete for "Case Worker Pre-Service Web-Based Modules" once you have completed all modules, thereby tracking completion of your pre-service training requirements.

Notify the Professional Development System that you are a new worker by following the instructions on the left bar entitled "Before You Begin". 

Completing Pre-Service Training in PDS Online:

     Click here to access PDS Online

Step 1: Log in to PDS Online with your user information.
Step 2: Select Request, you will be taken to your transcript.
Step 3: Select Open Curriculum. The full series of pre-service modules will appear.

If you have trouble accessing Pre-Service in PDS Online, please contact us at (608) 890 - 3965 for assistance.

If you are unable to complete the Pre-Service Training in PDS Online, please follow the instructions below:

Completing Pre-Service Training Outside of PDS Online:

Click the link below to access or review the modules on our website.

*If you are completing these modules to meet your pre-service training requirements, you must print and keep your certificate for each section you complete. This is your record of compliance with the training rule.

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