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What is PDS Online?

PDS Online is a Learning Management System (LMS) designed to give all organizations involved in child protective services and/or foster case greater capabilities in training employees and sharing knowledge. The acronym “PDS” stands for “Professional Development System.”

The spark behind PDS Online is the Project Improvement Plan (PIP) for the Wisconsin Department of Children and Families. PDS Online will take responsibility for tracking the training activities of CPS workers and foster parents and provide individuals with an easy way to register, receive, and track training events as well as use many other useful tools.

Who is behind PDS Online?

The Wisconsin Child Welfare Professional Development System (WCWPDS) is leading the implementation process in close consultation with the Wisconsin Department of Children and Families, regional training partnerships, and county agencies that will be most affected by the LMS.

What will PDS Online offer?

PDS Online will offer a wide set of benefits that will vary depending on the role of an individual in the CPS or foster care system. Below is a brief outline of some of the more exciting capabilities that PDS Online offers to different user groups. There are many more features available that we will detail in the future.

CPS Case Workers and Foster Parents

One of the main goals of PDS Online is to simplify the process of finding, registering and attending trainings.

Individuals will be able to easily login, register, and pay for in-person or electronic learning events. Each user’s training events will be preserved in transcript form to demonstrate compliance with DCF 43/56. While many events will use the LMS solely to register for payment, some trainings will be offered through the LMS as online modules or as live meetings/webinars. Even for in-person trainings, the LMS will allow training providers to give trainees access to materials and information prior to the event itself.

The LMS can also handle situations where an individual attends a training that is not registered in the LMS itself – that individual can quickly and easily add the external training to their record.

In the future, the LMS team plans to add in additional tools for sharing knowledge. For example, discussion forums or blogs delivered through the LMS may be another great way to bring together individuals to share knowledge and experiences.

CPS Supervisors and Foster Parent Licensors

PDS Online will offer a number of managerial tools to the supervisors of CPS workers and foster parents.

Each supervisor will be able to easily view the training records of their employees and track compliance with training mandates. In addition, supervisors can assign trainings to individuals or groups. More importantly, if an employee or foster parent takes training outside of events captured within the LMS event registration system, supervisors can easily approve or reject the training.

Supervisors will also be able to use PDS Online’s report system. This will allow supervisors to quickly examine the training status of all their workers.

Training Providers

Training providers will experience some of the most exciting changes from the LMS. PDS Online will unify the event creation and registration process in Wisconsin and provide the ability to easily see training events happening on a local or statewide scale.

One of the biggest changes to the existing system will be the handling of event registrations and payments. Most registrations will now be handled automatically through the LMS when users log in and sign up. Furthermore, events can have set sizes and wait lists that automatically handle overflow situations. PDS Online has a built-in payment system for collecting registration fees for event attendees.

Training providers will also be able to take advantage of the pre and post training capabilities of the LMS. Whether sending out materials or pre-training assessments or creating post-training evaluations, PDS Online will make it easier to communicate with registrants.

Ultimately, the implementation team hopes that PDS Online will foster more collaboration and resource sharing between training providers while reducing the workload required to handle the registration process.

What is the timeline for deploying PDS Online?

March 1st is the new target date for substantial completion of the PDS Online project. The exact March date for the rollout of PDS Online may vary and we will update this page as our projection matures. The implementation team expects to initiate testing of the LMS several weeks in advance of the roll out of the system and we will be contacting affected parties and coordinating testing efforts.

As the implementation team works with the software developer, Cornerstone On Demand, more information will become available.


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