Frequently Asked Questions

1. How do I pay for this training?

An invoice will be mailed to your agency (listed in your PDS profile) after the training. You do not have to pay at the beginning of training.

This bill will be sent to the billing address you have listed in your PDS Online user profile, so please make sure it is accurate and up-to- date. (*You should enter your billing address as the address of your agency).

We cannot accept credit cards nor payment at training sessions.

2. Where do I send payment to?

This information will be specified on the invoice mailed to your agency.

3. Questions about PDS Online

There is a PDS Online KnowledgeBase that is an impressive resource for any questions you might have about PDS Online. We encourage you to search through the instructions already provided at

If you are still unable to find the information you are looking for, please contact the WCWPDS office at (608) 890-3965

4. Foster Parent Training Questions

For any questions related to Foster Parent Training, please contact Milwaukee Child Welfare Training Partnership at: or by phone: (414) 964–7400

5. How do I get a certificate for Foster Parent Training? What if it is not showing up on my transcript?

Please contact Milwaukee Child Welfare Training Partnership at: or by phone (414) 964-7400.

6. Is the training schedule set in stone?


The Worker Foundation Training Schedule and the Special Skills & Topics Training Schedule are developed a year in advance for your convenience in planning attendance. We watch enrollment numbers to determine if additional sessions may need to be added. Based upon funding and capacity these training schedules are subject to change and additions. Any changes and additions will be communicated to county supervisors.

Special Initiatives Topics, such as DCF 56, Family Finding, SAFE, and Permanency Roundtable Values and Facilitator training sessions, and Supervisor and Director training sessions are scheduled throughout the year. These sessions are announced and communicated to the intended audiences for each topic. We encourage you to regularly search PDS Online for added sessions.

7. Can we request trainings?

Stephanie Reilly (Caseworker and Supervisor Requests) –
Julie Brown (Foster Parent Requests) -

8. What is the policy for training cancellation due to inclement weather?

In case of sudden cancellations or emergencies, the training coordinator will contact everyone through the email that has been registered on your PDS Online profile. So please make sure your information is accurate and up-to-date.

9. More questions?

Please call the WCWPDS Office at (608) 890-3965

10. Registration Withdrawal and Cancellation Policy for Trainings?

Starting 8 days prior to training, we will not allow registration or withdrawal. PDS Online calculates days as 24-hour periods, so if your training is at 9 AM on Wednesday (06/22/16), you would be allowed to cancel/withdraw up until 8:59AM on the previous week’s Tuesday (06/14/16).