Confirming Safe Environments



Placement of a child may be necessary to assure child safety or provide specific services or sanctions to a child. Part of the child welfare responsibility assumed when placing a child is assuring this is a safe placement for this child at this point in time.

When placement continues, this is an ongoing assessment issue and responsibility. This training focuses on the process and practice of assuring child safety in unlicensed homes, foster homes, group homes and residential care centers. It examines the process for assuring safety from the point the need for placement is determined through the duration of the placement.

The assessment for confirming and re-confirming the safety of the placement setting for a child is explored including: components of the assessment, information gathering to support thorough assessments and implications of the assessment for child welfare decision making. Placement Danger Threats are a particular focus.

Participating in this training prepares a supervisor or worker to better integrate these responsibilities into agency casework and promotes a consistent, thorough approach to assessing safety in out-of-home care.

Required Courses

Prior to taking the Confirming Safe Environments online training, you are required to complete safety training. This training will provide foundational information to support your understanding and learning of the work related to Confirming Safe Environments. There are several options of safety training that meet this requirement:
  • Access & Initial Assessment workers: Completion of Safety in Child Protective Services or Safety Booster less than 5 years ago
  • Juvenile Justice workers & Designees: Completion of Safety in Child Protective Services, Safety Booster, Safety Overview for Non-CPS Staff Pilot or Safety Overview for Non-CPS Staff less than 5 years ago.
**Note: Ongoing workers are required to take Ongoing Case Planning Training. The Confirming Safe Environments content is included in this training; safety training prerequisites are discussed as related to the Ongoing Case Planning Training.


  • Define your role in assuring safety for children in out-of-home care.
  • Organize your CSE work into the larger responsibility for safety, permanency, and well-being.
  • Implement standards, steps and timeframes for effectively Confirming and Reconfirming Safe Environments in out-of-home care placements.
  • Integrate the use of Placement Danger Threats with procedural requirements for out-of-home care placements.
  • See course material for complete list

After Training

There are four modules which make up the Confirming Safe Environments Online training. At the end of each module, there is a certificate of completion. It is recommended that you print off and maintain a copy for your records or provide to your supervisor.

Please be aware that after completing all four modules in the training, if you wish for it to be part of your learning transcript in PDS online, you will need to enter it as an external training.
Directions on how to complete this can be found by clicking here.