Why focus on typical development?

A collage of children's photos

Development is fundamental to childhood.  In fact, it is the very reason for the process of childhood. An infant, then a child, gradually learns the skills he or she needs for adulthood through childhood.  Abuse and neglect disrupts typical child development as it interferes with the accomplishment of developmental milestones.

Developmental issues may also be a contributing factor in child maltreatment.  Typical developmental tasks like self-feeding and toilet training can result in conflict between children and their caregivers.  So understanding what milestones should be accomplished within specific developmental stages and the tasks within a developmental stage that may cause stress will greatly contribute to understanding a child and family’s situation.  Better assessment leads to better case plans and ultimately, improved outcomes. 

Overview of this online course

This online course is comprised of three main sections (see tabs above)

  1. Background Builder — this component provides high level overviews and printable detailed lists of developmental stages and norms for three domains.
  2. Activities — review and test your knowledge of developmental milestones by completing three activities: Guess the Age, Select the Milestone, and Identify the Red Flags.
  3. Resources —  printable and online references for your journey.

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