Foundation training, standardized across the state, focuses on skill development for child welfare workers and provides consistency and equity in the application of best practice in all 72 Wisconsin counties.

All new Child Protective Services caseworkers with job functions in the areas of Access / CPS Intake, Initial Assessment, and Ongoing must complete 15 days of training in key areas of CPS practice within the first two years of employment in child protective services. Ten days are prescribed:

Required Foundation Training Sessions:

  • Engaging to Build Trusting Relationships (2 days)
  • Supporting Change Through Engagement* (2 days)
  • Safety in Child Protective Services (2 days)
  • Case Practice with American Indian Tribes (2 days)
  • Placement (2 days)

The remaining 5 days are selected based on individual practice skills and development needs. The following options are available to meet this requirement and further support foundational skill development focused on more specialized case responsibilities.

Menu Option Foundation Training Sessions:

  • Access* (1 day)
  • Initial Assessment* (3 days)
  • Ongoing Case Planning* (2 days)
  • Effects of Maltreatment on Child Development (2 days)
  • Legal Affairs (web-based) (2 days)

*Note: these training sessions have pre-requisites that are explained in each training description in PDS Online.

Step 1: For those who need Foundation to complete their DCF requirements you MUST register through PDS Online. Click the register link below to go to the PDS Online directions web page. Note: Once you are logged into PDS Online, you will need to search and register for the trainings.

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Online Training Directions: The documentation of the following online course completions (i.e. Legal Affairs) on PDS Online is in the revision process. Stop back here for updates. In the meantime, you can view the trainings, by clicking on the links below.

Note: If you do not need to document completion of the web-based Legal Affairs Foundation training to meet DCF training requirements, then click the Legal Affairs training link below to access the web-based training.

Legal Affairs

The goal of this training is to develop a clear understanding of the relevant laws, statutes and principles that workers will encounter in the child welfare system. The focus and emphasis will be children and family legal issues. This training is designed to meet the first two days of the five-day requirement for the Wisconsin Juvenile Court Intake Training program required under Wisconsin law.

When you are ready, click here to log in to PDSOnline and access the Legal Affairs course.

Foundation Pre-Training Requirements

Currently, one of the classroom Foundation training sessions requires the completion of a web-based pre-training module. Prior to attending the Effects of Maltreatment on Child Development 2-day classroom training, you must complete the web-based training accessible below.

Effects of Abuse and Neglect

Development is fundamental to childhood. In fact, it is the very reason for the process of childhood. An infant, then a child, gradually learns the skills he or she needs for adulthood through childhood. Abuse and neglect disrupts typical child development as it interferes with the accomplishment of developmental milestones.

This online course is comprised of 3 components:

  1. Background Builder: high level overviews and printable detailed lists of developmental stages and norms for three domains.
  2. Activities: review and test your knowledge of developmental milestones by completing three activities: Guess the Age, Select the Milestone, and Identify the Red Flags.
  3. Resources: detailed printable and online references written for workers of all experience levels.

When you are ready, you can continue to the Effects of Abuse and Neglect course.


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