Foster Care Coordinators


Foster Care Coordinator Pre-Service

Welcome to the Foster Care Coordinator Pre-Service Training. In order to successfully complete the Pre-Service Training, you will need to complete all of the modules, which includes reviewing the information contained in each module, completing all of the Check Your Understanding questions, and discussing the information with your supervisor.

The Pre-Service Training explains: the process by which children are placed into out-of-home care; the role of the Foster Care Coordinator within a licensing agency; the role that you as a Foster Care Coordinator will play with families; and the licensing process, including documentation requirements.

This training is a prerequisite for the DCF 56 training. The final module includes an activity for you to complete prior to attending the DCF 56 training. It's encouraged to document this as an external training on your PDS Online transcript (instructions can be found here).

This training will also serve as a resource for you as you continue in your work as a Foster Care Coordinator.